me and you

with Keine Kommentare
[Ocean] ◄

If you love me,
I love you.
If you ignore me,
I’ll still love you
but will know
that I somehow
lost you.
If you hurt me,
I’ll go.
Why are you
pretending, pretending
that all along you never,
never wanted to wound,
to damage, to harm
And I ask myself:
Is it a crime to put me first?
Was it not a cry for help instead?
When it is not what it should be
just let me be.
Let me be.

© Pixabay

Send me home,
home to my heart
Don’t beg me to stay
let me be free,
free from all,
all the shadows
which overshadow my heart.
Why? Why should I try to remember?
You brought me fear, hate and anger.
I hate,
hate that I cannot forget –
let me forget, I beg,
so I will know no more
and live forevermore
without a memory
of you.